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Toraja Settlement: Toward Unesco World Heritage Nomination

Ke'te' Kesu
Indonesian government by the year 2005 and 2013 submitted a series of 10 Toraja traditional settlements to be inscribed into the UNESCO world heritage list. Up to date the settlement still on the tentative list ( In spite of the various problems that occur related to the nomination, Bali with its subak...
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16 August 2018
Anda pasti tidak asing dengan Tana Toraja. Kabupaten yang terletak di Sulawesi Selatan ini terkenal dengan budayanya yang unik yang masih dipertahankan hingga sampai saat ini. Berjarak 7-8 jam perjalanan dari Makassar.Toraja sangat identik dengan bud...
16 August 2018
Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi has a unique funeral tradition, with ceremonies reflecting a blend of grief and wealth. When a Torajan dies in Toraja land, family members of the deceased are required to hold a series of funeral ceremonies that usually ...

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